Picture Captions

Forrest Gump.  Bree Grande | 5Dmk2 50L

So I got a message one day asking the 5 W’s about the captions on my pictures. I figured this would be a good opportunity to share my answer and insight and elaborate a little.

I like music, all kinds of music. Well almost. Basically if it sounds good, chances are I’ll listen to it. When I’m on the computer the likely hood of music being played is pretty high.  Actually music has to be playing in the background otherwise my mind will wander.  When I’m using Lightroom or Photoshop I’m always listening to something.  Music tends to set the mood for me and I want my pictures to do the same as well.  Hence the picture caption.

I typically  caption my pictures to song titles, a feeling/mood or even a topic of conversation that I had with the model.  The captions can be arbitrary and may have no meaning to the occasional viewer, but for  me its the emotion or feeling that I may had when editing the pic or the song that I listened to or even the mood I’m in.  I’ve even captioned a picture of mine Peanut Butter Sandwich just because I was hungry LOL.

I had a test with Bree Grande and during my Lightroom/Photoshop marathon of editing I was listening to Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange album.  I’ve been listening to that album from track to track on repeat for hours on end.  One of the tracks that really resonated with me was Forrest Gump.    I felt that the setting of the picture kinda fit in with the song title amongst other things that was going on.

A picture caption may mean nothing, but to me it sets a mood, feeling or emotion.  A picture maybe worth a thousand words, but I feel if you don’t direct the viewer into those words then the viewer may not understand my mood, feeling or emotion.  Therefore I caption my pictures.

-Rodney Alan




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