Nina Alonso photographed by Rodney Alan

iPhone Fashion Shoot

Nina Alonso  |  iPhone 4S

I’ve been seeing awesome high quality pics taken with an iPhone.  A majority of those pics are landscapes, food pics and random candid moments.  This got me wondering if you can do a whole fashion photo shoot with just an iPhone, capture and edit.  I’ve seen photographers take the pic with the iPhone and later edit it in Photoshop.  That’s not what I’m talking about here.

There are so many cool camera and photo toning apps why couldn’t one take a picture with their iPhone and edit it with their apps?  This got me thinking to give it a try.

On my latest test I was shooting on location at a motorcycle shop in West Hollywood.   The sun was starting to get harsh and direct being this was at around 9:30am.  So I started to look for some cover or maybe a spot where I can backlight Nina.  Outside was a classic Porsche 911.  I asked Nina to lean up against it and I’ll take a couple of shots and see what we get. The lighting at this particular spot was in covered shade and the building behind me was providing fill.

I like the idea of being able to take quality pictures with an iPhone and edit it within the camera.  I find that very convenient.  Heck it makes me question why bother having a Canon 5Dmk2 with a gang load of L lens, Sony NEX-7 and a Mac Pro if I can get the same results with an iPhone and a few apps!  Well in theory that would work if I constantly shoot in daylight and had no low light situations.  But with the assignments I get, I never know what the lighting situation calls for.

Well there you have it.  It is possible to have a iPhone Fashion Shoot to capture and edit the picture 100% in the phone.  Would it be something I do for a paid client!?  Probably not, but its nice to know that I have that option.

-Rodney Alan

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