Geraldine Ridaura photographed by Rodney Alan - BTS

Behind the Scenes Pics

Rodney Alan - BTS

iPhone 4

Photography became an interest of mine when I wanted to visually document things in my adult life.  This was before the times of camera phones and even digital cameras.

When growing up as a kid there was always a camera pointed at me.  My parents didn’t want to miss a moment, it didn’t matter what that moment was.  It could of been a birthday or a typical day at the park.  Pictures were taken to remember the day, to capture a moment in time.

As a fashion and beauty photographer the same still exists, to capture a moment in time.  The difference is that the moment is the end result of the team’s (makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist,  or clothing designer) work.  It’s the actual photo shoot of the model.

I find behind the scenes (BTS) pics to be just as valuable as the end results itself.  The BTS pics are typically candid shots of the team at work showing the creative process.  It captures the fun times and hard work leading up to the final results. Its these BTS pics that also capture a moment.

Which reminds me I need to capture more behind the scenes pics.

-Rodney Alan

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