Christina Meissner photographed by Rodney Alan

New Zeiss Lenses for Sony E- Mount

Christina Meissner photographed by Rodney Alan

Sony NEX-7 with Zeiss 24 1.8

One of the cameras that I use is the Sony NEX-7.  I’ve really been fond of this camera, but the selection of high quality glass has been limited.  Heck I’m a glass snob when it comes to lenses.  I’ve learned that to get the best possible shot you’ll need some quality glass.

The Zeiss 24 1.8 is on my camera full time, when it comes to agency tests I use this bad boy.  When the shot calls for a lifestyle look and feel I’ll use this camera/lens setup because I just like how it works in the field.  The focal length allows the point of view to pull in the background to give the viewer a sense of the environment.

I’ve been wanting a longer focal length for the NEX-7 from Zeiss and my wish has come true.  Just recently Zeiss announced a new set of lenses for mirrorless camera systems which includes the Sony NEX lineup which uses the e-mount.  I’m pretty stoked on the news of the 32mm and 50mm macro offerings from Zeiss.  With the crop factor of 1.5 the 32mm becomes a 48mm and the 50mm becomes a 75mm.

With these new focal lengths I can see myself using the camera more frequently for my fashion, lifestyle and agency tests.  Now lets hope that Sony releases a new firmware for the Sony NEX-7.

What good is a blog post if there’s no pic of a beautiful agency model.  Here is Christina Meissner from Wunder Model Management in Los Angeles.

Christina Meissner.  NEX-7 | Zeiss 24 1.8

-Rodney Alan

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