Christina Meissner photographed by Rodney Alan

First Impression: Sony NEX-7

Christina.  NEX-7 | Zeiss 24 1.8

The mirror less camera product line has been an interest of mine since the introduction of the Fuji x100. I’ve been holding out on buying one just to see what Canon would offer. I figured with my lens collection I’m really vested into the Canon system.  When Canon announced their offering into the mirror less segment I was kinda disappointed. When comparing the Canon EOS-M to what’s currently out in the market I felt that it wasn’t in the same class of the Sony NEX-7.

About a month ago I picked up a new camera, the Sony NEX-7. I’m not going to get into camera specs cause that can be found on the internet. What I’m going to do is write about what I liked and disliked about this camera.  This is by all means a non technical or non scientific look at the NEX-7

Christina.  NEX-7 | Zeiss 24 1.8

I like the form factor of the NEX-7, its compact and portable.  In reference to size, the body is slightly larger than a point and shoot but with the lens attached it looks like a mini DSLR.  The camera is small that it blends in with the crowd.  By that I mean when in a crowded public area it doesn’t seem that a photo shoot is taking place.  At least that’s what I like to think.  Basically toting this camera around doesn’t scream photographer.  The image quality is nearly that of my Canon 5Dmk2.  I’m not much of a pixel peeper so I won’t get any details.  And last thing that I like is the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF).

What I don’t like how the buffer slows down my shooting pace.  I tend to shoot on fast pace so after shooting 12 consecutive frames the buffer is filled and that in itself causes the camera to stop taking pics.  The card I’m currently using is a SanDisk with speeds up to 30MB/s.  I might be upgrading to the  SanDisk Extreme Pro SD cards to get the  95MB/s.

Christina.  NEX-7 | Zeiss 24 1.8

So what’s the verdict?  I like this camera!!  This camera isn’t doing anything different than what I could of done with the 5Dmk2 with the 35L.  I’m not getting better pictures, but my perspective is definitely being challenged therefore I’m getting myself outside of my comfort zone.

To give NEX-7 a proper break in I wanted to shoot what I typically shoot, agency models.  I reached out to Christina Meissner of Wunder Model Management, mentioned that I got a new camera and I wanted to test.  Prior to the shoot I really didn’t read the manual, I figured its a camera.  If I knew how to change the ISO, aperture or shutter speed on the camera I was good to go.  What better way to learn the camera then jumping into the deep end.

Christina.  NEX-7 | Zeiss 24 1.8

So there you have it, a quick and dirty first impression of the NEX-7 mirror less camera when it comes to my fashion photography .  I’m sure there is more likes and dislikes about the NEX-7, but this is what came off the top of my head.  I’ll give an interim update in the upcoming weeks after a few more tests.

-Rodney Alan

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