April & May Update

Vanessa Hanson. Premiere Pro CS5.5 screen cap

Wow, I’ve neglected the blog with updates.  Let’s see if I can bring it up to speed with my projects over the past 2 months.

Back in April, LUCIMA released his fashion video titled “Lost”.  I had the pleasure of  assisting  this fashion video/film.  It was quite an experience seeing the mechanics of what is involved in his productions.  Read about the whole experience and LUCIMA’s thought process from beginning to end on his blog.  The video also debuted on the Ben Trovato Blog as well!

Which leads me to my own project.  For a few years I’ve always toyed with the idea of shooting  video with my Canon 5Dmk2.  Never really got around to doing so because it was a different world from photography, basically it was out of my comfort zone.  With photography I knew what was involved and what I needed to get done to get the desired results.

I ended up getting over this fear and decided to jump right into it.  I figured the only way I can learn is to actually experience it first hand.  I was fortunate enough to work with Vanessa Hanson on this project.

Right now I’m finishing the video and hope to share it with the interwebs soon.   I basically taught myself Premiere Pro CS5.5 by trial and error and watching some videos from Lynda.com.  Be on the lookout cause I’m pretty stoked on this.

-Rodney Alan



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