Photography Workshop Review: Fashion B&W with Charles LUCIMA

Instagram pic of the Calumet Focus magazine

On the internet you’ll find an abundance of gear reviews from camera, lenses and lighting.  However I found that there was a shortage of workshop reviews especially for those with an emphasis on fashion.  I figured to write up a review for others that happen to find themselves in the same boat.

Let me set the scene to give you a background as to why I wanted to take a fashion photography workshop. After testing 4 new faces with a boutique LA modeling agency, I personally felt that I wasn’t growing as a photographer just producing the same results over and over.  Nothing wrong with getting consistent results, but I wasn’t happy with my own work.  Basically I felt that I was in a rut.

I needed to do something to challenge and make myself grow.  So the hunt for a workshop was on.  For some time I’ve followed photographer LUCIMA on model mayhem and flickr.  One day when visiting his flickr account I saw that he teaching a B&W Fashion Photography workshop at Calumet in Los Angeles.  I knew that this was the workshop for me cause B&W wasn’t my strong point.  I figured this could open new horizons for me and give my agency tests a new look and style.

So back to the review.  The workshop consisted of topics in Capture-Lighting-Post all covered in one day.  Charles LUCIMA went over the lighting aspect in a lecture and discussion type of environment.  Don’t think that you can go to this workshop to just sit and absorb information.  Charles got everyone involved in some kind of dialogue which I found to be unique in his teaching style.

The format of the workshop is to learn a lighting setup and put that light setup to use.  Charles briefly demonstrated by taking a few shots  while verbalizing his thought process. During the workshop you’re not watching Charles shoot, you actually get to shoot.  Win!  And to top it off, you get to shoot an LA agency model.  Double Win!

So after 3 lighting setups of learning and shooting, Charles showed his workflow for B&W using Adobe Lightroom and PhotoShop.  Below is a pic that I took and Charles retouched live during the workshop.

Bekka.  5DmkII | 24-70L

This took approximately 1 hour to do without the use of any actions or plugins.  I’m sure Charles could do this in less time, however went over his workflow step by step.  He also provided his thought process during the retouching as well which I found to be pretty neat.  Side note:  Charles will demonstrate his retouching workflow on someone’s picture.  You want to be that someone, so have your CF card ready to give to him.

So there you have it, a high level summary of LUCIMA’s B&W Fashion Photography workshop.

Would I recommend going to his fashion photography workshops!?  Hell yeah I would!!

This workshop not only got myself out of the rut, it inspired me to push myself and explore more into lighting and post production.  LUCIMA’s fashion photography workshop definitely opened up a lot in regards to my photography and progression.  I learned so much that 3 months later I attended another fashion photography workshop, LUCIMA Modeling Agencies.  I’ll blog about that experience for next time.

-Rodney Alan

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