social media explanied

Dude – Where’s my Social Media?

social media explanied

With so many social media platforms available its hard to keep up.  The picture above pretty much sums this up.  The great thing about social media is the ability to connect with new people within your area and to the other side of the world.

I figured this would be a good time to list the social media mediums that I use.

facebook:  I’m pretty active on there and find I spend most of my time there.  Add me on facebook to keep up with my lastest work,

twitter:  I don’t frequent twitter as much as I use to. Its weird cause there will be periods of time where I’ll do nothing but tweet and there are times that I don’t log in or open the app on my iPhone. The nice thing about twitter is that I can sync my facebook page with twitter.  Follow me on twitter cause there are times that I share different things on there than the other social mediums,

instagram:  I’m a frequent user of this photo app.  I like it cause the it makes my pics look pretty vintage without the use of photoshop.  Heck one day I’ll do a photo shoot with my iPhone using the Instagram app.  If you happen to be on Instagram look me up under the name rodneyalan.

vimeo:  I like Vimeo,  I use it to showcase behind the scenes video that were shot and edited by Kevin Calumpit.  He’s a professional photographer himself and a great at videography as well.  Check out some of the behind the scenes videos that were featured on Wednesday Rundown,

tumblr:  I have a tumblr site, but haven’t used it that much.  As of recent its been growing on me so stay tuned to see more of my work there.  If you happen to be a tumblr be sure to follow me,

pinterest:  I recently created a Pinterest account to see what the hype is all about and to see what I’m missing out on.  Not sure how I can use this for my needs, but I have noticed that I just want to eat everything in sight cause of the yummy food pics.  If you’re on there add me cause I want to see what food you like too haha,

google+:   I created  my google+ account, but haven’t used it that much.  If you’re on there add me maybe I’ll use it more when or if it becomes the next big thing.

With all these “channels” available to connect with me how come I haven’t heard from you, reach out and say hi 🙂

-Rodney Alan

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