Instagram: Best Nine 2017

Its that time of year to find out the best 9 pics of 2017 on my Instagram feed. Drum roll please. This year was very different than previous years, I actually picked up the camera once. Crazy right?!  The majority of the pics that was posted on my Instagram feed was from my archive.  In... Continue Reading →


Instagram: Best Nine 2016

In the past week I've been seeing this thing called "Best Nine 2016" being posted on Instagram.  Out of curisity I googled what this was about and discovered that there was a website that was creating a collage of one's top nine Instagram pics were based on likes for 2016. I figured since there has... Continue Reading →

End of an Era: Fuji Peel-Apart Instant Film

Here's another of many blog posts that sat unfinished in my query.  This was practically finished in terms of being written the day of when the Fuji announced the news, however I didn't have any scanned Polaroids to accompany this write up. Its another sad day for instant film photographers.  While Fuji's Instax film still... Continue Reading →

PSA: I Won’t Ask You to Shoot

Its been brought to my attention that some guy is associating or impersonating me to shoot with girls.  Apparently he is meeting girls in chat rooms then asking them to send pictures in various poses and multiple outfit changes via email.  All with the intention of having the girl meet him in San Diego or New York City.... Continue Reading →

Who Doesn’t Like Free – Nik Collection

I'm a fan of the free.  Freedom, free lunch and free software. Google recently announced that Nik Collection will be free to all.  If you're not familiar with the software its definitely worth a look if you're into photo editing software. Personally I don't use Nik Collection or any presets, however I've seen some really... Continue Reading →

Photoshop Disasters

Photographers can consider themselves to be a photo retoucher at some level, whether its the occasional zit zapper of portraits, iPhone app user of selfies (i.e. Facetune) or high end retoucher for advertising campaigns.  And by 'photographer' I use that term loosely so before I tangent off into some rant let me gather my thoughts bear... Continue Reading →

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