Instagram: Best Nine 2016

In the past week I’ve been seeing this thing called “Best Nine 2016” being posted on Instagram.  Out of curisity I googled what this was about and discovered that there was a website that was creating a collage of one’s top nine Instagram pics were based on likes for 2016. I figured since there has […]

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The Reveal

Its been awhile since my last blog post so I figured I’d write something.  Its also been awhile since I’ve shot some Polaroids.  Given that my last blog post was about the end of Fuji’s FP-100C I was in the mood to shoot some Polaroids. Since I had a test coming up with Sydney of No […]

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Spec Work

Here’s one of many blog posts that I had sitting unfinished in my query.  Initially this was going to be a rant about spec work, but I decided to turn it into something of value and possibly impart some wisdom.   A few weeks ago I came across a story on Adweek on spec work. […]

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PSA: I Won’t Ask You to Shoot

Its been brought to my attention that some guy is associating or impersonating me to shoot with girls.  Apparently he is meeting girls in chat rooms then asking them to send pictures in various poses and multiple outfit changes via email.  All with the intention of having the girl meet him in San Diego or New York City. […]

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Instagram: A Change of Times

Its amazing how much we as a society use and/or depend on the apps on our smart phones.  These apps have integrated so much into our daily routine that one can become “lost’ without it.  I for one use a handful of applications for finance, social media and entertainment.  These apps has brought a new […]

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